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Gecko Joint and Spine is the Fusion of Medical, Osteopathic, Chiropractic and Eastern Medicine along with the most up to date advances in Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. John Lieurance & Dr. Wellington Chen

Wellington Chen, M.D.

has been specializing in the field of Prolotherapy and Regenerative Injection Therapy for almost a decade. His expertise in Emergency Medicine provides for a safe enviroment for your procedure. He has a reputation for excellence in diagnostic skills with a precise injection technique in an area of medicine where this really counts. He has a reputation for being very gentle and able to provide pain free or minimally painful injections with his style of treatment. Dr. Chen’s training was through the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine with the Hackett Hemwall Foundation. He also has studied with the TOBI Orthobiologic Institute in Los Angeles California. He recently attended the conference of Platelet Rich Plasma with Dr. Steven Sampson. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, Prolotherapy, Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy, Trigger point therapy using both allopathic and homeopathic solutions such as traumeel, zeel and various herbs. He also is trained in Medical Impairment and can be helpful in Auto injury cases to document permenant injuries to the spine and other joints.

John Lieurance D.C.

John A. Lieurance, D.C. (Naturopathic; Idaho license) attended Parker College of Chiropractic and has a Bachelor in Anatomy from the University of the State of New York. He received his Naturopathic degree in 2001 from St. Lukes School of Medicine. He has practiced in Sarasota for 16 years.   Dr. Lieurance has a gift for difficult cases where other practitioners have failed. With the successful integration of Functional Neurology, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Nutrition using the Asyra, Detoxification Programs,  he enjoy’s excellent clinical results! Techniques and Continuing Education: Chiropractic Neurology, – Applied Kinesiology “AK”, Neurocranial Restructuring “NCR”, Upper Cervical Specific, BioCranial Technique, Applied Neurology, Cold Laser Therapy, Gonstead, Diversified, Advanced Biostructural Correction “ABC”, Arthrostim, Percussor / Fulford Hammer, Emotional Freedom Technique “EFT”, Brimhall Technique, Activator, Thompson “drop table technique”, Extremity Adjusting, Sports Injury Taping, Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries, Lumbar and Cervical Disc Decompression, Spinal Rejuvenation. Pettibon Scoliosis, Pettibon part 1,2,3,4, Pettibone Geriatiric, Pettibon Pediatric, Pettibon Neurology 1 & 2 over 500 hours. Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology. www.carrickinstitute.org, Vestibular Rehabilitation through the Carrick Institute 2010. Dr. Lieurance is the Developer of Functional Cranial Release and teaches and certifies these methods to doctors around the world.

Alex Smithers, DOM, AP 

Received his graduate degree from the East West College of Natural Medicine where he excelled in his understanding and practical application of both Eastern and Western Medicine.In addition to his Oriental Medical knowledge, he has an equal proficiency in Western Medical diagnosis, which resulted under the tutelage of the great Dr. Banerjee M.D. FACE (Listed in Best Doctors of America). Dr. Smithers is a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician. A native of Sarasota, Dr. Smithers’ family has a long and well-known history in the community. Dr. Smithers work with Prolozone, Prolotherapy and other regenerative therapies as well as High Definition Ultrasound. His knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine gives him a special gift in this field of medicine.

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Yours in Health, Dr. John Lieurance Dr. Wellington Chen Dr. Alex Smithers

well-known history in the community. His grandfather Austin Smithers founded the Original Oyster Bars in 1958 and his generosity in the community is not forgotten. The Austin Smithers Stadium at Cardinal Mooney High School is one reminder of all that he gave. Other members of his family have taught in the school system for over thirty years. Robert Smithers, Alice Smithers and Joshua Smithers have mentored and coached thousands of kids in the public and private school systems, in Sarasota, over the years and continue to do so.
Founded on the principles of compassion, honesty and responsibility, Integral Medicine of Sarasota County will engage in a new system of health care that is emerging in this country. One based on actual health care rather than that of disease care. A system in which the entire person is acknowledged in the treatment of disease rather than merely the symptoms they are presenting with. Cooperation from both Eastern and Western practitioners will be necessary, however, as it is only in the integration of both of these systems, integrating the best of both worlds, that will offer the patient the most benefit. This is the vision and hope of Dr. Smithers and Advanced Wellness have in Sarasota County.

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